What is the Wellness Pen™ made for?

The Wellness Pen™ was designed to be used for vaporizing essential oils.

What is the Warranty?

You can view our Warranty by clicking here

Can I buy essentials oils from this website?

No, we currently do not offer any essentials oils at the time. 

Where can I purchase a Wellness Pen™?

Make can purchases at WellnessPen.com

Want to see us in your local store?

Tired of buying online? Drop us a line and let us know where you think our products would be a good for, by clicking here. For every referral we will send you free stuff! 

The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated products offered by Wellness Pen, LLC the Wellness Pen™ is not to be used for smoking cessation purposes. Wellness Pen™ products do not mitigate, cure or treat any medical condition nor do they offer any therapeutic value. Please see our Disclaimer for more.